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Hi folks…

Thanks for checking out my blog…I really hope that it strikes a chord with people and helps them to take the next steps to improving their health by removing sugar from their diets.

This is me a month before I started my #nosugar journey and 4 months after! 4 Stone weight loss and 8 notches down on my belt!

My name is Jo, (also known as ‘The Peach’ to my friends) I am in my 40’s and from Northern Ireland who let’s just say has or should I say HAD a sweet tooth! I had become overweight, knew it but just thought it would go away. Yip, I thought it would just disappear one day, and I would wake up skinny!! The weight wasn’t going anywhere because when I thought about my weight, I would eat about 3 Tunnocks Teacakes to console myself! Yes I was in denial. I am a keen cook and for years have created all my own meals pretty much most of the time, healthy meals. So it couldn’t possibly be what I was eating. WRONG! I took ‘A’ level Home Economics, and studied #nutrition as part of my degree course at Queen Margaret, so I know about proteins, fats and carbohydrates. What I didn’t really pay any particular attention to, was the excess amounts I consumed. I know I’m not alone when I say that. Having started this journey, I am learning more and more about how the food I eat affects the workings of my body. I was 1 point away from being a #diabetic, so I was pretty much given an ultimatum in September 2016… I chose the #nosugar #lowsugar option and embarked on my journey with The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. Whether you are in a similar boat, want to lose weight or just wanting to start to eat the right foods, the 8 week plan will get you started and help you on your way to a slimmer, healthier and fitter you!  Have a read at the book before you start. The plan is designed to ween you off sugar so that you no longer crave sugar. Instead it will encourage you to eat wholesome food that fuels your body longer, without getting the peaks and troughs of a sugar hit.

The Blood Sugar Diet


Hopefully you enjoy my daily trials and tribulations of my road to removing the curse that is #sugar from my diet. If you do please share with friends and on social media.


Working with The Sugary Peach

I am based in Northern Ireland, and was a finalist in the DANI Awards in the Food Blog Category 2017.   My aim is to share all things #nosugar or #lowsugar with readers, and to give them other options for a ‘sugar free‘ lifestyle, to improve their health, lose weight and eat food which satisfies them without the cravings that sugar gives.

I love social media, and engage with Instagram @TheSugaryPeach, Twitter @TheSugaryPeach and Facebook @TheSugaryPeach1…I also track engagement via the website and google analytics.

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I am not a Doctor nor do I claim to be.  The information I provide on my website and blog is based on my own journey and my personal situation.  Before starting any food plan or diet, you should consult your own GP/Doctor/Medical professional.   There are so many probabilities relating to diet plans suiting one person more than another, so one size does not fit all.  Quitting sugar has had huge health benefits for me personally and it should for you also.