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One year Sugar Free

One year Sugar Free

I can’t believe its been almost a year since I gave up Sugar!!  Where has the time gone?

I have to say that I don’t miss sugar in the slightest.  Yes it still requires willpower at times, but the motivation to stay off sugar drives me every time I feel a moment of weakness.  Sugar is an addiction.  Like any other addiction the only way to stay off the addictive substance is to abstain from eating or drinking it.

I know the road would be an extremely slippery one should I dare to put any form of sugar near my lips.  I know myself too well.  That old phrase – a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, rings true, but not only from a weight point of view, but from that one moment where you might feel euphoric from the hit of sugar,  it will only lead to trouble in both weight gain, mood, bloating, blood sugar levels etc etc… so for me – what is the point?  Just say NO!

To sum up the past year:-

September 2016 – advised to lose a few pounds for my health.  Discovered the 8 week blood sugar diet by Dr Michael Mosley and began a journey to rid myself of sugar.   The first few weeks were not easy – some days extremely challenging (to say the least!), but because the Neurologist told me I needed to do this, I had no choice.  That was the motivation.   I had put on weight, and it was time I started to shift it!

November 2016 – return visit to the Neuro and a loss of 2 stone at this point – some 2 months after our initial meeting.  Extremely pleased with myself for having achieved so much in a short space of time.  Neuro pleased to.  Blood sugar levels back to normal, and things are starting to move in the right direction. At this point I could have chosen to just stop the regime after completing the 8 weeks, but I was motivated and felt great.  I decided to up the daily calorie intake slightly, and carry on with a variation of the plan in order to lose a few more pounds.

January 2017 – at this point I had achieved a goal I never thought I would see.  A weight loss of 4.5 stone!  Yikes!  It still amazes me, because the process of getting there really wasn’t that difficult.  The only thing I deprived myself of was sugar, and to think that by doing so, the health benefits that can be achieved to other people by doing the same, would save the NHS Millions of pounds a year.

From February onwards, it has been a case of maintaining the weight loss, and finding new foods that will tickle my tastebuds.   Writing the blog has enabled me to share some recipes and foodie finds with you all, but as I sustain my Sugar Free Lifestyle, the variation to my diet doesn’t change much, so there is less to write about!   The one thing I can do is to repost recipes that work and that are tasty,  while encouraging any of you that feel you need a health kick up the bum, to start the 8 week Blood Sugar plan.  It really is life changing.

These days, I still pick up every packet of food and check the sugar content of everything.  Less than 5g of sugar per 100g and I will consider purchasing it.   I do buy products made with sweeteners instead of sugar – thats ok with me.  I just don’t buy too many.   Sugar raises blood sugar levels – sweeteners don’t.  The one thing I have come to realise is that sweeteners cause serious tummy rumblings!!  Hence why I don’t eat too many!

I have introduced a few more carbs back into my diet – namely croissants, freshly baked which tend to have between 4-5g of sugar.  Perfect for a treat on a weekend.  If thats my vice, then I’ll take it!

I still eat few carbs with my dinner – I stick to meat/fish/chicken served with vegetables or salad, and sometimes I will add the odd baby potato.  There are two reasons for this: – I couldn’t eat more 1 or 2 baby potatoes while eating all the veg and meat, and secondly, I don’t miss them.

I’ve eaten a bowl of pasta once since I stopped eating sugar.  There is little to no sugar in pasta.  Not sure why I ballooned to the size of Winnie the Pooh’s belly mind you, but I decided I wouldn’t be eating pasta again in a hurry.

Each of us is an individual, and different foods react with us in a variety of ways.  Basically, if you find something that works for you, then super – stick with it.  Having a no sugar diet, works for me.  I have been criticised on a few occasions about how the diet isn’t giving me all the nutrients I need.  My answer to that is – go and lose 4.5 stone and see how it works for you!   If I lose out on the odd nutrient because the sugar content of that food product is too high – then there is no loss for me.  I do eat blueberries and strawberries, and I never liked bananas.  The rest of my nutrients I get are from fresh salads, and vegetables.  I don’t take supplements and I don’t drink loads of alcohol.   I do drink loads of water. The #NoSugarNinja will not be toppled!

If you are considering a sugar free lifestyle, it is sustainable.  Normal, non-messed with food shouldn’t have sugar in it anyway.  I will emphasise that the one food area I despair about is breakfast cereal.  Whether it is own supermarket brand, Kelloggs or Nestle, the sugar content needs to come down.   I managed to find a packet of naked shredded wheat with little to no sugar in them.  Twice the price of the sugar laden one mind you – not sure why that should be – surely the addition of another product such as Sugar should increase the price not reduce it… #justsayin

So folks, if you see a few less blog posts, tweets or Facebook posts its because I have said a lot about my thoughts on Sugar over the past 12 months.  I will continue to share new product finds, recipes, and anything else I think you may find useful.

Thank you all so much for sharing and liking my pages and posts so far.  It has helped me to reach this stage, 12 months later and over 4 stone lighter.