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Sugar Free Summer!

Sugar Free Summer!


This is my first summer as the #NoSugarNinja –  #sugarfree #lowsugar  and I have to say its been a breeze!
Olives, cheese, fish, salads in abundance, prosecco, vodka and slimline tonic, Sol beer to name but a few of my favourite sugar free or low sugar foods and drinks!
I have to say that there is still a myth out there, that you are a tad odd or difficult to take out for a night because you choose a certain food lifestyle. Whether that be gluten free, sugar free, lactose free or any other #freefrom choice, we are just the same people – we have simply chosen to eat different food and drink items that agree with our bodies and help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Rather than taking medication for certain conditions, by simply avoiding certain foods it means taking control of our bodies.

This time last year, I would have gladly welcomed a humongous portion of Lemon Meringue pie topped with a dollop of cream on the side to follow on from the lasagne and chips main course. Those days are long gone – fact is after a main course these days, I simply don’t have room for a big slice of pie nor would I want it! Plus, I no longer suffer the adverse effects of eating way too much, the bloating, the discomfort and the having to ‘undo the top button of my trousers scenario’ in order to see it through the rest of the night. Then there’s the highs and lows of a sugar rush and the morning after food hangover.

What I do love though is the vast array of fabulous salads and food on offer in M&S which are #lowsugar #nosugar from the ‘Spirit of Summer’ range – It makes my lifestyle so much easier when there are days when you don’t have a minute to cook your own food but still need healthy convenience.  I nipped into M&S the other day and picked up a bunch of food including some from their #SpiritofSummer range, to tide me over for a hectic few days. First up was the Chilli, Garlic and Paprika King Prawns which I served with the Orzo pasta & roasted tomato salad, and the Grains, Couscous and Roasted Aubergine and Mint salad, along with the Sweet Carrot and Beetroot Ribbon Salad (washed and ready to eat!).  I did say I needed healthy convenience this week!

I chose to grill the prawn skewers for the 6 minutes stated on the packet.  They were full of flavour and served with the beetroot salad and some of the Grains, Couscous, Roasted Aubergine and mint salad, it made for a quick, tasty and very #lowsugar meal in minutes.   I particularly love the beetroot salad because its not boring – it has colour, texture, and sprinkled with a bit of the mint dressing from the aubergine salad it was a perfect side with the prawns.


Next up for dinner was the Chicken Souvlaki Kebabs – well hello!  These uber tasty little numbers pack a punch with flavour and again I chose to grill these as per the packet instructions.  Served up with some of the Aubergine and mint salad, the Courgettes, beans, wheat berries and toasted Fregola with a lemon and parsley dressing salad, and some more beetroot salad on the side.  Perfect dinner, low sugar and low calorie and full of flavour packed with goodie nutrients to boot.


The vast array of salad choices from the ‘Spirit of Summer’ range means there are a lot that tick my #lowsugar #nosugar lifestyle.  The fresh, zesty flavours and textures are a great accompaniment for any meal.  Of course I have a preference and that is for the Pasta, Spinach and pine kernels salad – it ticks all my boxes and with only 1.2g of sugar per 100g its perfect!!  All I need now is a bigger one! For those new to my blog, low sugar is any food item that has 5g or less of sugar per 100g.   That’s what I look out for on the packaging.  I am the #NoSugarNinja and for nearly a year now I have sustained a lifestyle free of sugar to the benefit of my overall health.  Four and half stone of weight loss following an 8 week Blood Sugar diet, and a sustained removal of all things sugar from my diet has seen huge health benefits – I highly recommend it.

The #SpiritofSummer range is in store with some meat dishes 3 for £10,  and the tasty salads 2 for £4 on certain products.