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Summer event at Avoca Belfast.

Summer event at Avoca Belfast.

Just the other evening I was kindly invited to the Summer Event at Avoca Belfast.  It was to showcase their Fashion, Gifts, Beauty and Food in the Avoca Cafe located in Arthur Street.  Upon arrival we were greeted and offered a choice of beverages including Prosecco and Sparkling Elderflower water ever so elegantly presented with redcurrants.  Let me just say at this point I love Avoca – it has just the most amazing collection of quality products, I don’t think I could ever find something I don’t like!   I have several Avoca cookbooks, and use them regularly to make soups and salads, which as you can imagine are perfect for my #NoSugarLifestyle.

It was lovely to meet the first supplier who just so happened to be Abernethy Butter, and as butter has no sugar, I had a little taste with some wheaten bread.  I’m a big fan of the Dulse butter melted over a medium rare steak, and was informed that the smoked butter is just as good!

It was lovely to bump into a few chums who were also there including @eating_ideas – the food offering was superb and it just kept coming!  Naturally, I stuck to the savoury selection, but I was assured by my friend that the sweet stuff was absolutely to die for!   The fabulous quiches and tarts were dainty and enticing, and when the crispy hake bites with a chilli dip arrived, I was in heaven!  Oh my word – fabulous.

I met the team from Max Benjamin Fragrances and was given the most wonderful sample from their new Amalfi Collection – the Fiori Rosa.  It was an elegant pink scented card with the most wonderful italian coast inspired smell.  It is now currently hanging in ones wardrobe wafting its way around my clothing – so the next time you meet me, I will smell simply devine darling!!

As we wondered around the wonderful book selection, we were hit with a wonderful aroma of coffee, from the Cinema Coffee Project who are based in Louth.  The cute conical flasks with brown paper filters produced an uber cool coffee product that was very welcome after so much food.

If you haven’t been to Avoca Belfast recently, pop in for a bite to eat and peruse their new product lines – you certainly won’t be disappointed or leave empty handed!